As you will soon discover as you read this blog, one of my favorite sources for practical tools and advice for parenting is Dr. Tim Kimmel of Family Matters.  They have a new tool available called Flag Page. This is a game that you play with your child that will help you discover their personality type and how best to connect with your child.  In addition to discovering their “bent”, the game also includes a guide for parents that gives practical advice for how to best connect with your child.  Here are some highlights taken from Family Matters website:

  • Discover the unique way God wired each of your children and how to best relate to them.
  • Find the six key things that motivate your child – what they love the MOST about life.
  • Connect with the heart of your child.
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to motivate, encourage, discipline and help each child succeed in life.
  • Learn a comprehensive strategy for raising your kids in the power of God’s grace.
  • Find out how to bring the best out of your strong-willed kids.

Successful parenting involves getting to know your child in a very intimate and comprehensive way.  This game will help you do that.  Thanks Dr. Kimmel!