Early Childhood Apr 30-May 2

Elementary Parent Card Apr 30-May 2


Here’s the summary of Last Week at Vibe.  Kyle Davison was teaching.

God has put a desire in each of us to live a life beyond ourselves.  We find our significance in Christ, and part of that plays out when we join Him in His mission.

The last words of someone are very powerful and important, and Christ’s last words to the disciples give us our mission.  In Matthew 28:18-20, He calls us to take His message of hope to the world; making disciples and baptizing and teaching them.  He promises that we won’t be alone in this as He is with us, and He is the one with authority over everything.

Someone had to reach out to us once, and now we have the opportunity to do the same.  Living our lives as Paul calls us to in Romans 13:11-14 will open doors for us to tell other people in our life about Christ, and He has invited us to be a part of His mission to reach the world.

Questions to Ponder:

1) Who specifically in your life can you talk to about Christ?

2) What’s holding you back from joining Christ on His mission to save us?