Series: The “F” Words

Title: Finally

This last Sunday we wrapped up our The “F” Words series with a final look at Acts 2:42-47. We spent the evening looking through this passage to see what it might/could look like if we lived other focused first. It is so apparent that our lifestyle in America is so different than that of the Acts Church and honestly it is sort of a slap in the face. I encouraged our kids to take a look at the way they live and compare that to the way the Acts pursued Christ. We left with these 4 thoughts.

#1 Read & Pray (daily)

#2 Be in Community (D-Group)

#3 Be Second (live others focused

#4 Give Thanks (worship)

This week, encourage your kids to take part in these 4 things. Be ready to not only encourage them to live this way, but model it before them.