I recently asked Peggy Hooker for an update on how things went at VBX this year.  Here are her comments:

”Our Chase Oaks children heard the amazing stories regarding Jesus’ life during “Upward Bounds”  our Vacation Bible Xtreme this year.   Told from the perspective of interesting and sometimes unusual characters, the children heard how Jesus came from Heaven to earth, was born of a virgin, was tempted by Satan in the desert and was persecuted and beaten by men.  They heard how He died for our sins, rose and then returned back to Heaven to remain with His Father God.

Lives were touched – not only children’s – and God blessed in unimaginable ways:

934 children registered

240 wonderful adults and teens volunteered

30 children (we know of) accepted Jesus as their Savior

Over $2,400 raised to support Chase Oaks Academy in Gondar, Ethiopia to buy computer software, learning toys and textbooks.

We are already planning next year’s VBX!  Hope you can come and experience the blessing!”

Peggy Hooker