I’m using you and this blog today to air a confession; I lost it with one of my kids last night.  Spending any time on telling you why I lost it would merely be me trying to convince myself and you that I was in the right and my child deserved it.  Well, I’m not going to do that.  One question came to mind (probably from the Holy Spirit) as I was lying in bed recounting the events; “Who’s the Adult?”  My reaction to the situation was no different than the actions of my child that led to my outburst.  It was childish, selfish and altogether inappropriate.

Why am I telling you this?  Because, I hope you can learn from this experience in a similar way that I am learning from it.  I am, afterall, the adult.  It is my example that my children will use to draw on as they parent their kids later in life and I do not want my grandchildren to suffer because I blew it as a parent.  Conflict in any relationship needs to be handled in a healthy, mature and gracious way.  Last night was not a reflection of what resolution techniques I want to teach.

Tonight, I will apologize to my child and admit that I was wrong and that my reaction was not appropriate.  And, I will ask for their forgiveness.  It won’t be easy to do that but, I have had lots of practice!  Thankfully, our home is usually filled with grace and hopefully I will get to experience the forgiveness and grace of my child.

Thanks for letting me confess that to you!