Hey Parents,

I was out of town last week, and let me tell ya I missed hanging out at Vibe!  I got married last weekend and we were gone to Colorado on our honeymoon.  It was a great time, but I am excited to be back at Vibe this week to see everyone!  This week we will be continuing our Christianese series, and the topic will be baptism.  We will dive in to the meaning, reasons for, and common misconceptions about baptism.  Not only is this a great topic to be discussing with our students it is a the intro for our actual baptisms next week at Vibe.  After we talk about baptism this week we will hold a baptism class on Sunday morning at 11:00am in the Conference Room upstairs in the 281 building.  All middle school students interesting in participating in baptism at Vibe on October 20th are ask to come to the class and here some information and sign up.  I am really looking forward to seeing many of our students take the next step in their faith.  Please email me at cturner@chaseaks.org if you have any questions!  God bless!

In Christ,
Chris Turner
Middle School Pastor