Last week at Vibe it was such an awesome privilege to baptize 7 students during our Wednesday night service.  It is always as awesome thing to hear students sand in front of hundreds of their peers and proclaim that Jesus is Lord of their lives!  I can tell you one thing, that will never get old! Let us keep praying that their faith continues to grow and knowledge continues to deepen everyday.

This week at Vibe we will be in the Go Boldly campaign going through Philippians 3 and discussing how to live a mission minded life.  What could this look like for a middle school student and ways to begin to think this way in our daily life.  My challenge for them is to seek the things of God how to be part of that and begin tune out the things of the world that so easily distract and disrupt.

If you are interested in wanting to be apart of what we do on Wednesday night PLEASE let me know!  If you have been look for a place to serve and pour into students here is your chance.  Just email me at Thanks!

Chris Turner
Middle School Pastor