Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking and reading about marriage quite a bit.  My wife Kathie and I are preparing to speak at a marriage retreat for a church here in Plano this weekend.  We are excited about doing this together as we haven’t done anything like this before.  I guess we have needed the experience of being married for 20 years before we were “qualified” to speak to others about the issue.

As I’ve focused on lessons learned and things that I would want to pass along to young married couples, it has got me to thinking about the importance of marriage in the role of parenting.  Whether you have been married a long time or you are currently not married and are a single parent, the way you view marriage will have a deep impact on how you parent.  If you view marriage as a gift from God, ordained by God and sustained by God you will parent differently than if you view marriage as anything other.  As our children observe either our current marriage or our view of marriage, they will be learning about the necessity of being “others” focused and living a life of commitment.

A healthy marriage or a healthy view of marriage can lead to a great life lesson for our kids.