Howdy Parents,

I don’t know about you guys but this current series entitled, “Modern Family”, has really been challenging me!  It has reminded me that grace should be the lens in which I view every relationship in my life.  It is so hard at times.  The reminder to view those around us the way that God views us is something this week I have tried to consistently place in the forefront of my mind.  I am humbled by the way my heavenly Father views me, and convicted that I don’t return the favor to the people in my life.

I have also been reminded of the times as a teenager when I know my parent’s ability to extend grace was tested with me.  I am sure there were times they wanted to break that grace lens and just shake the stuffing out of me!  There was a time when my hair regularly was changed in both color and style.  The times I believed with ever fiber of my being that my parents had no idea what they are talking about (I was so wrong)!  I also remember how my parents had so much grace with me.  They truly cared about my relationship with Christ more than anything in my life.  They cared about that relationship more than my grades in school, my hairstyle, my ear ring, the extracurricular activities I was involved in, and what I  wanted to do when I grew up.  They knew that if I was totally in love with Christ all those things would take care of themselves.  So with that, I didn’t have the best grades, I wasn’t involved in any sports or activities at school, and I had some crazy hair.  I also didn’t receive any awards or scholarships, I didn’t go to a popular college, I lacked direction, and to the world pretty unsuccessful teenage years.  But, I loved Jesus with everything I had as a teenager, and I didn’t want to be unsuccessful to him!  I was not a perfect kid(or adult), but I knew that and that was a huge key.  I knew I had to rely on God to direct me and love me!  My parents allowed me to seek what God wanted me to do, and not just the status quo of other students my age.  The formula that the world says is success is not necessarily what God  has in store for each of us.

I just want to encourage you Parents.  To think about what you want most for your kids.  So many parents wish to produce a positive member of society that made good grades, went to a good school, and got a good job.  These things are not wrong to hope for your kids,  but it is shallow compared to what God wants for them!  Jesus, in Matthew 23: 25-28 warns the Pharisees, and us today, to be careful not to just seek the outer appearance.  We should not be like a cup that is clean and presentable on the outside, but dirty on the inside.  To not just seek the approval and acceptance from men and of the world, but to seek that from God.  As parents, pray that God would grab a hold of your students hearts!  I know that is what I pray for them. May they not just be a positive member of society, but a productive worker in the Kingdom of God!