My name is Dan Martin and I am the Parenting Coach at Chase Oaks Church in Plano, TX.  In addition to my role at Chase Oaks, I am also the Director of Parenting Ministries for pureHOPE.  This blog will assist parents with tools and resources that will help equip them to raise Godly kids.


4 Responses to “About Parenting @ Chase Oaks”

  1. Tammi Keelan Says:

    love the XXX parenting meeting last week. waiting with baited breath for the technology. it cannot come soon enough!!
    thank you!

    1. Dan Martin Says:

      Thanks Tammi. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to more of these opportunities as well and the technology talk in August will be a good one! -Dan

  2. Lisa Schonefeld Says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea and I am looking forward to the tools and resources to come. I would love to see/hear information on Blended Families and how to deal with some of the unique situations that can occur when blending 2 families.


    1. Dan Martin Says:

      Thanks for the comment Lisa. We are actually planning a parenting seminar for late fall of this year that will specifically address single parenting and blended families. I will be sure and post information on that as our plans come together. Look for that in late November or early December. -Dan

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